my nana with my aunt watching the sunrise in Savai'i

My nana with all her grandchildren

My nana, Mere Tua Turner, was born on the 25th of april 1952 in Savai'i,Samoa and is the 2nd oldest of 20 children(excluding those that her parents took in). My Nanas childhood was My nanas parents, Fiaola and Taei Tua, decided to move to Auckland, NZ in 1965 for a better education and life for there children. My Nana studied to become a nurse, and later on became a charge nurse for the rest of her career(40 years). My mum was born on the 5th of april, 1977 and is the 4th eldest of 6. She grew up in Otara and had told me that life was difficult because my nana was a single mum for a while and was away the majority of the day because of work. But living in south auckland meant living closer to family,